An Integrated Engineering Company
(Co No.: 002346150-W)
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HEUSLER INTEGRATED ENGINEERING is a newly incorporated company that comprises of a group of multi-disciplinary engineers serving for different industries and market needs across Malaysia. Heusler's core business include delivering products and technical services not only to Oil and Gas industry, but also cover Petrochemical, Oleochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Water & Wastewater in the area of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering, ranging from Project Management, Procurement, Engineering Design, Fabrication to Installation.

Our key experiences including:
  1. Familiar with International Design Codes such as ASME, ANSI, ASTM, API, TEMA, etc
  2. Pressure Vessel, Column Tower, Multi-Chambered Pressure Vessel, Jacketed Vessel, Half-Pipe Jacketed Vessel, Dimple Jacketed Vessel, Horizontal Drum, Storage Tank, Silo
  3. Heat Exchanger in both single pass and multi passes, Stacked Heat Exchanger, Kettle-Type Reboiler, Fix Tube, Removable Tube
  4. Skirt Supported Vessel, Saddle Supported Vessel, Half Skirt Supported Vessel, Support Lug / Leg, Conical Section
  5. Self-Reinforced Forging, Body Flange, Girth Flange, Nozzle and Forging with Stainless Steel Weld Overlay (WOL), Jacketed Nozzle
  6. Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Clad Vessel
  7. Fully heat traced vessel with 1" external coils covered from top to bottom of the vessel including heads
  8. Thick wall vessel up to 155mm
  9. Large column up to 450 Tonne where overall height reaching 80,000mm
Our Engineering Capabilities:
  1. Project Management and Exotic Material Sourcing
  2. Preparation of design calculation and drafting works in both 2D and 3D
  3. Design of Platform and Ladder for Pressure Vessel
  4. Reverse Engineering Services for used and imported pressure vessel, heat exchanger, chiller to obtain DOSH approval
  5. Piping design, routing and pipe stress analysis
  6. Fabrication and Installation Works
  7. FEA analysis for structural, lifting attachments, nozzle loadings, etc
  8. 3D Laser Scanning